6 Special Gifts For The Wedding Party

You are engaged and well on the way to planning the wedding of your dreams, congrats!However, have you taken the time to think of how you’re going to thank your wedding party? Depending on how close you are to your wedding day, you’ve seen just how much responsibility the bridesmaids and groomsmen take on. To help with the planning process we have brought you 6 special gifts ideas to help say thank you to this amazing group of people.

Gifts that keep giving: 

If you are looking to gift your whole wedding party something that they can utilize the day of and long after, think of items that we all use on a regular basis. 

Water bottles are something that will definitely be used by everyone on the day of your wedding! The bridesmaids and groomsmen will need to stay hydrated during the hours of getting ready before the ceremony. You know that this beautiful stainless steel bottlefrom Swell will be used long after your wedding because everyone is in the habit of ditching single-use plastic bottles these days. 

Gifting sunglasses is another great option if you want to give the wedding party something you know that they will use for years to come. We’re not talking about cheap, plastic frames with you and your spouse’s name and wedding date on the side. Make giving sunglasses extra special by picking out stylish frames for each person in the wedding party from a brand they love, like Warby Parker. This way, you know you are giving them a pair of these sunglassesthat they are sure to love and keep using after your wedding day is over. Plus, if you are having an outdoor wedding, these can be worn during the day as well, which will give your group a fun photo opp! 

Presents for the gents: 

To get the party started early with your groomsmen, gift them this whiskey decanter gift set. Especially if your crew is mostly comprised of friends from your school years, this will bring back some fun memories. It will also be a testament for how you have all matured, sipping whiskey from glasses rather than the plastic cups of your past.

If you want to give your groomsmen something totally unique, then consider buying them all their own fun and colourful pair of socks and underwear. If you have a group of light-hearted and silly friends, these will be sure to give them a laugh when they open them up. A gift like this will prompt your guys to think about your special day each time they reach for them in their drawer! 

For your bride tribe:

A gift your bridesmaids will appreciate receiving for your wedding day is a small handbagto carry their day-of essentials. This neutral-colored satin bag is a perfect complement to a variety of bridesmaids dresses and wedding themes. Your girls will be happy that they can have their phone, lipstick and some tissues handy during your ceremony and reception.

Jewelry will always be a great go-to gift for your bridesmaids. However, it can be hard to please everyone in the bridal party, with so many different styles and personalities. It’s best to stick with something simple that can be personalized, so it’s sure to please everyone. We love this simple bridal necklacethat comes with an adorable thank you note! This piece will definitely become your friend’s favorite necklace.