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Abby and Doug had a perfect end of the summer wedding. The day was perfect. Abby and Doug shared with us both their sides on how they met.

Her side: When I first met Doug during my sophomore year at Salisbury, I dreamed of someday taking his last name. Unfortunately for me, it took weeks just to figure out how to pronounce it. Before I would ever come to learn that it was tick-say and not teek-see, Doug and I bonded over our love for The B-52’s “Love Shack” at a little neighborhood bar called Johnny’s. After one especially rowdy night, I had the pleasure of running smack dab into my dream guy before class… where he proceeded to tease me about my grade-school style of flirting (ya know, when you tease your crush and call them stupid names?) Mortally embarrassed, I went so far as to change my daily route on campus, hoping to avoid him as much as possible. That in fact proved to be impossible- I seemed to have forgotten that I lived two houses down from his best friends, the very people that introduced us in the first place. So with a little time and a lot of push from my girls, I finally worked up the nerve to spend a little one on one time with Doug. After our first “study date”, I immediately called my mom and said “I’m making this boy fall in love with me”. Luckily for me, my spell worked its magic and now, 5 years later, we’re well on our way to a love getaway.

His side: It all started in the Fall of 2011. The Salisbury University Football Team had started the year undefeated and a couple teammates and I decided to celebrate in typical college fashion – Sunday Funday. We all gathered at our favorite watering hole, a bar the locals called Johnny’s. One drink led to another and soon we were blasting music and having a great time. “If you see a faded sign at the side of the road that says 15 miles to the Loveeee Shackkk”, we sang as we drank our White Russians and enjoyed a nice, lazy Sunday. It was here at Johnny’s Bar that I met Abby for the first time and little did I know, the girl sitting across the bar singing The B-52’s with me would soon become the love of my life. Not too long after came our first date where I knew she was a keeper when she didn’t run away after I ordered anchovies on my pizza. Now, 5 years later, Abby and I are still singing “Love Shack”, enjoying Lazy Sunday’s, and on our way to enjoying our life together.

Doug proposed to Abby I the Fells Point neighborhood in Baltimore. Abby was just thinking they were going to meet friends for lunch, but Doug surprised her with a flash mob using dogs that meant something to the couple!

Some vendors that the couple used for their wedding includes

DJ: Jacob of District Remix

Wedding Dress: Stella York Style 6247

Hair: Pins-n-Brushers; Lauralee Martin of Charm City Skin for Makeup

Tux: Calvin Klein

Rings: Smyth Jewelers

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