Angela & Brett | The Fairfax

Congratulations Angela and Brett!”Brett and I had such a nice time at the wedding. We both had fun. That’s what we wanted. Even better, we think our guests had fun too.”Memories and “Things that stick out …”

– hunting around the back of the chapel with my bridesmaids looking for a big bush to hide behind and pee before the ceremony! AhhhHH!!!!!! Good thing [the photographers] weren’t around..

 – waiting outside the chapel with my dad. He was crying and then I started crying, and Brett’s sister gave me her last Kleenex… then she started crying. Haha.

– seeing Brett at the altar

– seeing our reception ballroom. I planned everything from Ohio and didn’t really know how the lighting, florals etc would actually look. I loved it!

– the last dance of the night. Just me and Brett with everyone in a circle around us. Best memory of the night! There was so much energy and we were both so happy.

Details we loved:

– Having photos of our grandparents and us as babies scattered about

– the piano player. That was last minute and we think that added a lot to the ambiance as people came in for the cocktail hour

– wine corks for seating cards. I made all of them and didn’t know how long it would take….. (too long)….. but I liked the look

– the simple elegance of the baby’s breath candelabras.I really love how they turned out. (especially since I hadn’t seen them) I didn’t use any other decor besides the flowers and the family photos.  That’s the theme that I wanted throughout the wedding: classic, timeless, simple elegance.

How we met:

– Brett and I both went to Georgetown. He went for undergrad, medical school, and then worked at Georgetown Hospital for  internal medicine residency. I went for graduate school in Nurse Anesthesia.

– We both happened to be walking into the medical school library at the same time, coming from opposite directions. We sized each other up, I followed him in, and then positioned myself at a computer directly across from his. I could see his eyes poking up from over the monitor. I knew he was looking. 🙂

– A classmate of mine walked into the library and sat next to me . We started chatting about our weekends and I went on to tell her about an awful blind date I’d been on that Friday night. ( I figured I’d throw him a bone and let him know I was single)  It was a nightmare date- he asked me how many children I would be willing to have for him,  if that gives you any idea. We were laughing, and I heard Brett laugh too.

– He was eavesdropping, and chimed in that it was my own fault for accepting an invitation to go on a blind date that fell on a weekend night, because that way he knew I had nothing important to do the next morning and would expect to spend the whole evening with me. Brett said EVERYONE KNOWS not to go on a first date on a weekend night unless you’re really interested. We continued to chat and he somehow got my phone number.

– He asked me out to dinner for the next weekend night. 🙂

– I said yes.

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