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Bradley Images Covid FAQ

We here at Bradley Images understand that during these trying times, there are uncertainties and questions in regards to your events. We are here to help in any way that we can! Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

You can absolutely reschedule, but most of our clients are finding luck following the “mullet” strategy.

Below is a step-by-step process for rescheduling your event. Saturdays in 2021 are filling up fast! To be able to retain all of the vendors already booked, most clients aim for Fridays and Sundays. We even have some Mondays available still, Memorial and Labor Day. We found that clients who aimed for these dates had a much easier time rescheduling with their venues. We are offering a discount for any weekday events other than holidays.

Stay flexible with dates:

1. Contact Venues- 

It is important to communicate with your event planner and venue. Reach out to your venue and ask them which dates are available. Something to consider is that with many events being rescheduled, it may be easier to choose a Friday or Sunday slot to secure a specific weekend for your event.

3. Pick your new date-

After you have contacted your vendors and have agreed upon a new date, confirm it with your venue. Once that is all taken care of, contact us and let us know of your new rescheduled date.

2. Contact Vendors-

Once you have a list of potential dates from your venue, contact your vendors and update them on your options. It is important to communicate with your vendors before picking a date with your venue. We have found that clients who were proactive with rescheduling are better off than those who have waited.

4.Please contact us about rescheduling fees 

To keep the 2020 original contract price, second payments must be made 14 days prior to the original event date.

*Additional booking fees may apply.

“Mullet” events will be an additional fee for two day coverage.

Don’t let the original date go by without doing something special!

Engagement sessions, family portraits, graduation photos are all services still available to our clients for their special day. When we look back at this time in the future, we will remember our highlights and milestones more than anything else. Would you like to learn more? Call us today to schedule your shoot!

Call us today to schedule your shoot!