Ease Into Wedding Planning with your Registry

Ease Into Wedding Planning with your Registry

Registries can be one of the larger projects for anyone getting married. With so many moving parts, organization and two opinions vying for items to add, it can be the best way to slowly start the process of planning your wedding. Getting your registry taken care of first is a good idea from an organization standpoint, but also it’s one planning event you can check off your to-do list well before the wedding.

Shop Around

Doing your research on what stores you want to register at, what budget you’re aiming towards for guests and the best way of piecing together multiple vendors into a cohesive plan for your registry will give you the best practice possible for the later stages of planning.

Depending on what you want to add and where the items are coming from, creating just one large registry at a department store might be your best bet. For couples that already have most of the traditional homewares, find a wedding site that can pull all your items from multiple vendors into one, creating a single list for guests to find. 

Create Your Style Guide

Find your personal style by looking at the items you’re adding and the vibe you want to project as a couple. Thinking you want a black tie, formal ceremony but you’re drawn to everything boho and beachy while selecting registry items? Take a step back and make sure what you’re planning is really what you want and the items you’re selecting will do the trick in creating the home you want.

If you’re still unsure of the style you want to embrace, take a look at some current wedding trendsto see if there’s one that might spark your interest. The tone and setting for your event will be decided by the style you create, so work with everyone from your florist to your photography team to communicate this well ahead of the big day. 

Organizing Your Time

Every part of a registry helps you figure out how you’ll fare during wedding planning. It helps to illustrate how you best work together as a couple to take on wedding projects and align your vision for what you want. Registries also require lots of time, both in researching and adding each item. This process shows how much free time you’ll need to allot into your schedule down the road when planning really gets going. 

Consider Your Guests

You should absolutely enjoy your wedding day, it’s a celebration of you after all! But all your planning eventually leads up to an event for your guests to enjoy as well. The same idea goes for your registry, you put in all the time and effort, but guests have to be able to quickly and easily make selections for you.

List your registry clearly on shower invitations and your wedding website. Registries that feature larger priced items like that bigger mattressyou’ve had your eye on should also have a contribute option, rather than outright purchase. 

Invitation Timelines

One last area that your registry will help get you set up for is your invitations. Your wedding is not only the big day, but often several smaller events prior, including bridal showers, which all hinge upon your registry. Ideally your registry should be done and set before any invitations are sent out so that you can have that information available to guests well before their RSVPs are requested.