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Engagement Session Style Guide

Engagement Session Style Guide

At Bradley Images, we’re all about capturing real moments, real connections, and the genuine beauty that comes with two people deeply in love. In this post, we’ll take a look at the down-to-earth magic of engagement sessions and why they’re a key part of our approach to photography.

Real Connections, Not Poses:
Engagement sessions at Bradley Images are about capturing the real, unscripted moments between couples. It’s not about stiff poses or forced smiles; it’s about documenting the natural chemistry that exists between two people about to embark on a lifelong journey together.

Choosing Meaningful Locations:
Forget about elaborate backdrops; our engagement sessions are about choosing locations that mean something to the couple. Whether it’s a favorite coffee shop, a quiet park, or the street where they first met, we believe in capturing moments in places that resonate with the couple’s story.

Styling that Reflects You:
No frills, no fuss. Our approach to styling is all about reflecting the couple’s authentic selves. We work with our clients to choose outfits that make them feel comfortable and confident, allowing their personalities to shine through without the need for elaborate wardrobe changes.

Confidence in Every Shot:
Our engagement sessions are laid-back, creating an environment where couples can relax and be themselves. We’re not about creating picture-perfect moments; we’re about capturing the genuine expressions that come when two people are comfortable and confident in front of the camera.

Versatility for Every Couple:
Every love story is unique, and our engagement sessions are designed to reflect that diversity. Whether it’s a quiet, intimate moment or a burst of laughter, we’re here to capture the different facets of each couple’s personality, ensuring that the final collection is as varied and authentic as their relationship.

At Bradley Images, we’re not about over-the-top romance; we’re about real love, real moments, and real connections. Our engagement sessions are a chance for couples to be themselves, with the assurance that we’ll be there to document the authenticity of their relationship. Join us for a session that’s all about capturing your story, just as it is – no frills, no filters, just real love.
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