Family Photo Sessions

Spring is almost here! We are getting a tease of it right now, and it is making us so excited to start shooting your family photo sessions. Spring is a great time for outdoor family photos. Think Mother’s Day and Father’s Day Gifts!

Here are some of our tips for Spring Family Shoots, and also why this is one of our favorite times to capture family photos.

  1. Dress is layers- Hot one minute, and then the sun starts to set. This makes for a great backdrop,but also adds texture and dimension to your pictures! Layers also will provide you with different looks to your pictures by simply just taking off a sweater to add a scarf and t-shirt.
  2. Pop of Color- After the blah of winter and everyone in grey and black, it is nice to add in a pop of color to your photos. Pair a bright yellow top under a denim shirt for a fresh spring look. You can also add pretty blues, and soft pinks in a scarf or light blouse to stand out in your photos.
  3. Add fresh flowers- If you are in your home taking the photos, make sure to arrange vases of flowers throughout the house. This will give you a nice spring look, and add some color into your photos. Even better, pick a great garden spot in your area to capture your family session.

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