FRESH CHOICES: What’s Your Photographic Style?

The following article originally appeared in WEDDINGPAGES Magazine.

What’s Your Photographic Style?
By Lana White Austin

Although some consider classic portraiture the preeminent choice for wedding photographs, photojournalism has become increasingly fashionable. Candid shots offer a new perspective.
Many prospective brides, in an effort to define their own styles, choose a combination of time-honored poses and spontaneous documentation. Along with a resurgence of black & white photography, these offer couples fresh choices for wedding photography.
“I incorporate innovation and new technologies into my wedding photography,” said Bradley Zisow of Bradley Images & Photography Inc., in Towson, Maryland. “Wedding photography is not a formal photo shoot anymore. Today’s bride wants to get it done quickly and quietly. She wants to get on with her day. And the photographer wants to capture the day as it happens.”
Zisow said he likes to capture facial expressions and people enjoying themselves. He said he shoots both traditional and photojournalistic pictures, offering brides the best of both worlds. He believes wedding albums should have formal and candid shots to tell the whole story of the wedding.
“Brides like some black & white pictures, and they add nostalgia to an album,” Zisow said. “I do a lot of graphic design. I can take a color picture and make parts of it black & white. A color picture of the bride with flowers can be made to appear black & white while the flowers remain colored. This used to be done with black & white film and hand painting.”