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Fun ways to personalize a Mitzvah!

Creating a theme to your mitzvah celebration, is a way to welcome your guests, pay tribute to to the guest of honor, and also provide excellent photographs of your event that will last forever. To help plan your mitzvah here are some tips to really personalize your party.

  • Create a design featuring your child’s name. We loved a recent event where they used the daughters named Remy, and highlighted that throughout the party’s decor. Also, using both the first and last names. This will give you many options in playing with words to create a unique theme your child, and friends will all love.
  • Offer signature drinks, foods, or appetizers. Using just a standard menu for the food is fine, but adding your child’s name, or favorite places into the names of the food is a fun way to personalize your mitzvah food menu. For example, ” Hannah’s Hummus Station”, or “Audrey’s Candy Apples, just some fun options.
  • Video Montage opens up a party showing your child and his or her finds a mini movie of their life. Bradley Images can help you with this! Creating a professional, custom montage is a great way to personalize your mitzvah. Also, creatively displaying photos and displays of your child playing sports, or playing their favorite instrument really lets everyone know the guest of honor.


We have had some creative clients over the years, who have thought of some fun, cute themes for their child’s mitzvah. Some great themed mitzvah’s that really personalized their child’s party.

Mitzvah Washington DC


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