Margaret & Gian’s // Gramercy Mansion // Baltimore MD, Wedding Photographer

Margaret & Gian’s // Gramercy Mansion

 Gramercy Mansion   Gramercy Mansion   Gramercy Mansion   Gramercy Mansion   Gramercy Mansion   Gramercy Mansion   Gramercy Mansion   Gramercy Mansion  Bride and Groom Gramercy Mansion   Gramercy Mansion   Gramercy Mansion  Wedding Cake  Gramercy Mansion  

Margaret & Gian’s Wedding Story 

We met in Philadelphia.  Margaret went to Penn and Gian went to Drexel, but even though we were only about a block away and probably crossed paths many times, we ended up meeting online.  We met up for the first time in Rittenhouse Square and the rest is history!  Since then we’ve shared our love of traveling, cooking, watching documentaries, and taking long walks around the city.  About a year and a half ago we moved down to Baltimore with our cat Swayze to start new jobs and be closer to Margaret’s family.

Wedding Details

What Made the Wedding Personnel – We made homemade lemoncello for favors.  It took about 4 months of preparation and lots of help peeling lemons from friends, but we loved giving out something that we made and that represents Gian’s family tradition.  The flower arrangements by Christine Higgins were also very special.  We spent a long time gathering small vases, dying doilies, and gathering flowers from friends’ gardens.  They turned out perfect!

Favorite Memories

“Watching Margaret come down the aisle” (Gian).  “Looking down from the altar and seeing all of our family and friends surrounding us” (Margaret).  “The first dance” (Margaret).




Bradley Images’s Photography


Catering – The Classic Catering People

Bouquets – Crimson and Clover Florist

Floral Arrangements at Reception – Christine Higgins (family friend)

Cake – Sugarbakers (decorated by Classic Catering staff)

Wedding Venue – Gramercy Mansion