Historic London Town Wedding -Stephanie & Tom

0004_JFV_7430Stephanie and Tom were married on October 11, 2013 at the Historic London Town and Gardens. Even on a cloudy day, the venue was gorgeous and when it rained we took some awesome photos under the rain with an umbrella. The weather held up for us long enough to get some gorgeous photos of the bride and groom outside before the reception started. Congratulations, Stephanie and Tom! We loved photographing your Historic London Town wedding. 0028_JFV_74670037_JFV_74890045_JFV_75040076_JFV_75690191_JFV_77540204_JFV_77790249_JFV_78680321_JFV_79890396_JFV_81650500_JFV_83640507_JFV_83730519_JFV_83920603_JFV_85240673_JFV_86220700_JFV_86620839_JFV_88470863_JFV_88850894_JFV_89450920_JFV_89970924_JFV_90020927_JFV_90070936_JFV_90270952_JFV_90600961_JFV_90721121_JFV_93281193_JFV_94621196_JFV_94701236_JFV_95361213_JFV_94961257_JFV_95681271_JFV_95941713_JFV_0280Find Bradley Images on Facebook and like our page at https://www.facebook.com/bradleyimages. Leave a comment below for Stephanie and Tom.