Woodmont Wedding -Hallie & Vlad

0241_JFV_6285Hallie and Vlad are married! This stunning couple married at Woodmont on September 29, 2013. Their wedding is gorgeous from the getting ready shots to the end of the reception. Vlad and Hallie were an exceptionally fun couple to photograph. This is a wedding that you are going to want to take your time to look through over and over again.  Please find our page on Facebook at http://Facebook.com/BradleyImages and like our page and Hallie and Vlad’s photos.0001_JFV_59840015_DSC072730019_JFV_60160018_JFV_60100232_JFV_6273Absolutely stunning, Hallie!0197_JFV_62190173_JFV_61890166_JFV_61820158_DSC07340The details at this wedding are phenomenal. Little personal touches such as the “I do” on the shoes above really make a wedding unique and fun to photograph. 0145_DSC073270133_DSC073190123_JFV_6149How cool is this “Mother of the Bride” jacket?0095_JFV_6114
0083_JFV_60950048_JFV_60590247_JFV_62910305_DSC074210312_JFV_63850318_JFV_63920344_JFV_64090363_JFV_64160445_JFV_65480575_JFV_67380602_JFV_67840625_JFV_68210661_JFV_68660669_DSC080880680_DSC081020689_DSC081110694_DSC081170709_JFV_68750813_JFV_69440836_JFV_69590858_JFV_69710885_JFV_69980886_JFV_69990891_DSC082160917_DSC082290924_JFV_70250943_JFV_70370985_JFV_70681006_JFV_7088This image is a personal favorite! It reminds me of a scene from a movie, don’t you agree?1053_JFV_71151141_JFV_73431151_JFV_73621178_JFV_74021189_JFV_74181196_JFV_74313020_JFV_87843003_JFV_87792975_JFV_87631274_DSC075602640_DSC092681683_DSC08524Please leave a comment below for Hallie and Vlad or write up a message for Bradley Images. We love hearing your feedback! For those of you traveling this rainy day before Thanksgiving, travel safe and have a great holiday. 2397_JFV_8318