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Maureen & Mike

Maureen & Mike met in middle school. Growing up together, with all the same friends, going to dances, and dating in high school, they realized quickly their strong love for each other.

We are always so happy for our couples here at Bradley Images, but working with Maureen & Mike has been extra special. Maureen and I have known each other for over 10years now, and I have known how happy Mike has made Maureen by her SMILE.

The Proposal– Every year Maureen has a “hillbilly themed” birthday party called MODOWN. Mike got on the stage, made out of old hay wagon called The Hollerin Trailer. Mike began to sing ” In case You Didn’t Know by Brett Young. In front of EVERYONE. At the end of the song, he got down on one knee and proposed. It was amazing and unforgettable.

Favorite Memories From The Wedding– The first look was so special for Maureen & Mike. We always encourage brides and grooms to have a first look, for photography it makes it gives everyone plenty of time to get all the photos taken before the wedding. But we love when brides and grooms share with us, how special the first look moment truly is for them. Your wedding day is so busy, sometimes it is the only moment you have just the two of you.

Other favorite moments

Reciting vows to each other
Walking down the aisle with my dad
walking down the stairs in my dress to show my Dad
Smiling throughout the day with Mike
Seeing and chatting with our friends and family that came to celebrate with us
People asking us to see our wedding bands that we made ourselves
Putting on my dress! It was so big!
The best man and maid of honor speeches
Seeing my parents and siblings so happy and excited. We really worked together as a family to make this wedding come together
Wearing my Grandmother’s veil who just passed away
We dedicated a Polka dance also to my Grandmother, it was so much fun for my whole family.
Harford County Executive, Barry Glassman was the officiant and friend of Maureen & Mike
We always ask brides any special DIY projects that made their wedding personal. This wedding EVERYTHING was touched with love from Maureen, Mike, her sister, mom and the amazing team at The Green Door, and Emerald Event Design. Maureen’s entire family was involved in this wedding. Maureen & Mike used all local vendors for their event. Using the people in their community, was very important to them. The tandem bikes were the perfect decor, to show how much they love riding bikes together. Such a statement! Photo windows, vintage church pews, and all the flowers this family did a great job with the DIY projects!

Stone Ridge Hollow
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