Graphic Design of a mullet and a party

“Mullet” Weddings


Graphic Design of a mullet and a party

You may know them as micro weddings, but that doesn’t sound as fun. And there’s nothing “micro” about your big day. So what is the “mullet” strategy? Get your event’s “business” done on your original date and save the party for later! 

We can provide coverage of your service now AND of your party that is scheduled down the road. We have many different options for streaming so all of your family and friends can attend. Keep your special event date you originally chose, to celebrate for years to come.

Have you ever noticed that people with mullets never look stressed?  Well it’s the same with mullet weddings.  It’s more casual, less hectic, and our photographers have more time to get the best photos.

5 Benefits of rocking a Mullet Wedding

  1. You keep your original date that you thought so long and hard about.  

  2. You’ll be able to focus on your moment and the people around you who mean the most.  

  3. You can pick a more unique location.  Think outside of the box! There are a lot of cool places that can accommodate 15 people but not 115 people. 

  4. You don’t have to put future plans on hold.  Haven’t you waited long enough?

  5. More time to practice your dancing for the party. 


If you’re not ready to take your mullet into the outside world we have got you covered. Whether it’s your original wedding/engagement or event date, we will come to your home to capture the memories that were supposed to happen! Let us come to you for an outdoor shoot that will capture the essence of your celebration. A small teaser for what’s to come!


So set your worries aside and let the good times roll, call us today!

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