Photographer Tips for Your Engagement Session!

You are engaged congratulations! This is such an exciting time for you and your future spouse. The moment from when you are engaged, to your wedding day is such a special time you are always going to want to remember. Engagement sessions, may sound corny, and not what you think you want to do.
However, with the right photographer, the right attitude, and the right location you will be so happy you decided to capture this special moment in your life!

Here are our top tips from photographers to get you ready to enjoy your engagement session.

  1. What to Wear– This is the fun part, picking out something new to wear! Remember try not to pick anything too trendy, that might go out of style. You want to be able to look back at your photos and have them feel classic and timeless. Dresses are great and have movement and easy to photograph. And avoid big prints! Photographers, also suggest two outfits. This will give your photos some variety and will feel like you are getting two sets of images.
  2. Location – The Baltimore, Washington DC area is a great area to have to easily get great location shots.Two great cities so close, with lots of chic city backdrops and historic monuments to include in your photos. There is also a plethora of choices with open fields, parks, mountain views. This area has everything you have to offer or a perfect location for your engagement session. Even your favorite date night restaurant, or where you two first met creates for a memorable photo shoot.
  3. Props- Sometimes props are not always for the movies! But something to bring to create a fun addition to your engagement shoot. A chic blanket to wrap around the two of you, or a small prop that you are going to use on your wedding day that you want to add to your photos. Also, bring your dog!! Your furry family member is the perfect prop for your engagement shoot.
  4. Timing- Every season has a great time to make the picture perfect photo. In the fall, think boots, cozy accessories, and colors in the leaves. The spring, think sun and flowers, and nature’s beautiful colors. In the summer, the colors are vibrant and everything is in full green. Perfect time to wear your favorite flowy sundress. The winter can seem like the worst time for photos, but think holiday lights, and cozy fireplaces. This time of year can make for some great photos.


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