Top Trends In Wedding Invites

0050 BSZ 9616Your wedding invite is the first preview for your guests. Will your wedding be formal, or more casual? Will you have a theme? What do you want your guests to wear? Is it a destination wedding? All of these things are brought to your guests attention in the wedding invitations.

It is also the time for you and your fiancé, to present your style to your family and friends. There are lots to decide when picking out a wedding invite. Here are some of the latest trends to come in 2019, for wedding invitations.

  1. NAVY IS THE NEW BLACK– Navy, is the new color for nails, clothes, and now wedding invitations. Couples are turning to navy for a formal, but also modern design. This is the top wedding trend for 2019. And I have to say I am loving it!
  2. MAP IT OUT- Personalizing your wedding invitation, with a map of where you both are from, or your wedding destination is a new trend. The maps, can be  minamal  in design, or you can provide lots of small details about on the map.
  3. Mix Metals- Metallics have been on trend for weddings for the last two seasons. Now, the trend is to mix them! Wedding innovations, and stationary for the wedding is the perfect way to do this. Gold, Copper, and Silver makes for one chic wedding invite.
  4. Garlands and Wreaths- Moving from the floral trend, and adding Garland and Wreaths to your invite is a great way to make your invitation stand out. This also gives you a way to add some color to your invite.
  5. WaterColors- A painting of your wedding destination, or just a cool feel can set the tone to your wedding. Watercolor invites and are way to bring the art side out in your wedding invite.