Citron Micro Weddings

2021 Availability

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Many of our clients are really finding luck with the mullet strategy for their events. That being said, if you are not fully comfortable with hosting anything at this time, no prob! We totally understand.

Soft Holds: If you are still unsure about what date you would like to reschedule to, we get it. That is why we have soft holds available for dates in 2021 and onward. If another client books the same day as your soft hold date, you will have three days to decide to keep your date or reschedule for another. 

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We hope that this blog post is helpful for you. Our best advice is focus on your event now. You chose your event date for a reason and it is a very important day in your life. Many of our clients have been adding a video package or virtual event coverage and were glad they did so. We understand that you may have a lot of questions. Please reach out to us anytime.

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If you would you like to learn more about our Virtual event coverage and Mullet Weddings, please click here!