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Your Event Postponed? Why Compromise?

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Many of you have been planning your wedding, mitzvah, and other celebrations for over a year now. With the entire world being held at a standstill due to mass quarantines, we have all had to adapt and change our daily lives as well as our future plans to ensure the safety of those around us. Most events that were supposed to take place this year have been postponed for 2021. Venues and vendors around the industry have been accommodating these changes. However, these accommodations don’t change the fact that you all have been looking forward to your big celebrations for quite some time now.

The world has changed, technology has changed, so let’s use these advancements in our daily lives! Here at Bradley Images, we are always trying to push the envelope and stay ahead of the curve with the services we offer. The majority of the modern world is literally connected at our fingertips. Nearly everyone has access to a mobile device which connects. With the physical restrictions of the quarantine currently in place, let’s shift our focus towards the virtual world.

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Many of you may be familiar with a video conferencing software called Zoom. It is the industry standard for large scale business meetings and has been a staple in most households ever since the start of the quarantine. We have been developing a system in which we use Zoom and/or other video conferencing systems to bring you and your loved ones together on the exact day you had planned. Why should you sacrifice enjoying the day that you have been looking forward to all this time? We don’t think you should, and we’re prepared to make sure your big day remains one to be remembered.

Recently, we set up a celebration of this kind for a Bar Mitzvah scheduled for this year. We were able to set up a large-scale video conference call and handle all the backend work so that Andrew and his loved ones could sit back and enjoy the show. We were also able to send out a videographer to his home who was able to record the Bar Mitzvah service and celebratory events in the comfort of his own home. Take a look here at this quick video of how it all went down:

Andrew’s Bar Mitzvah

 There were people of all ages in attendance, and no one had any trouble figuring out how to enter the video conference. Our staff was ready at all times to offer tech support and direction when needed. As long as the family or friend had a mobile device with a camera or a laptop with a webcam, they were able to get into the celebration with a single click of a button. 

At first, there was obviously some uncertainty as to how this would all play out. Obviously, this was uncharted territory for us as well as most of the guests who had never used Zoom or any other video conferencing software before. But with the recognition of so many familiar faces all in the same place at the same time, this virtual celebration quickly became a real party. 

With the success of Andrew’s virtual Bar Mitzvah, we look to expand our services to include virtual weddings, engagements, birthdays, and more. The possibilities are endless, and the results have been spectacular. 

Inquire today and let’s collaborate to make memories that will last a lifetime.